Types of transportation in Russian. Dictation.

Types of transport

Types of transportation in Russian. Public transport is a very popular mode of transportation. Therefore, you need to know the list of certain vocabulary in order to feel confident during the trip. And also to get somewhere where you need to. You will have the opportunity to get acquainted with various types of transport. For example, land, air and water transport, as well as another vocabulary of verbs and nouns related to city transportation. You will practice not only comprehensive Russian, but also spelling.

Common Russian words about transport are in the vocabulary!

You will see the audio file and useful vocabulary on this page like:

Авто́бус – [ avtobus ] – a bus

Велосипе́д – [ velosiped ] – a bicycle

Такси́ – [ taksi ] – a taxi

По́езд – [ poezd ] – a train


Also, you might have heard these common names of land transport in Russian:

Маши́на – [ mashina ] – a car

Трамва́й – [ tramvay ] – a tram

Мотоци́кл – [ mototsikl ] – a motorbike

Грузови́к  – [ gruzovik ] – a truck

Тролле́йбус – [ troleybus ] – a trolleybus


Useful and interesting words about air and water types of transportation in Russian:

Самолё́т – [ samal’yot ] – an airplane

Вертолё́т – [ vertal’yot ] – a helicopter

Возду́шный шар – [ vozdushniy shar ] – air baloon

Кора́бль – [ karabl’ ] – a ship

Па́русник – [ parusnik ] – a sailboat

Подво́дная ло́дка – [ podvodnaya lodka ] – a submarine

Па́ром – [ parom ] – a ferry

List of words that relate directly to using of public transport:

When traveling by public transport in the city, such as a bus or trolleybus. You may also come across these words:

Биле́т – [ bilet ] – a ticket

Конду́ктор – [ kanduktar ] – a conductor

Води́тель – [ vaditel’ ] – a driver

Остано́вка – [ astanovka ] – a (bus) stop

The most common verbs about transportation

If you are going to use public transport, then it would be nice to know the basic verbs related to this. Here is a list of such words:

Сади́ться в авто́бус – [ saditsa v avtobus ] – to get on a bus

Выходи́ть из авто́буса – [ vykhodit’ iz avtobusa ] – to get off a bus

Е́хать на по́езде – [ ekhat’ na poezde ] – to go by train

This material and much more interesting things you can learn in the individual classes with a native speaker.

You can check dialogue in a transport and learn additional vocabulary here.

So what’s the task?

A ‘dictation’ is a Russian method of practising spelling and handwriting. Read the vocabulary below and learn it. All you have to do is just listen to the following audio and type the words in the typing section. Then you can check the spelling.

To type in Russian, download the Russian keyboard and use the virtual keyboard on the website below the typing section. After doing this dictation you can learn some new vocabulary doing the next one about the daily routine.

  • е́хать - [ ekhat'] - to go
  • авто́бус - [ avtobus ] - a bus
  • води́тель - [ vaditel'] - a driver
  • биле́т - [ bilet ] - a ticket
  • Доро́га - [ daroga ] - a way
  • обще́ственный - [ abshestven:iy ] - public
IMPORTANT:  IMPORTANT: LISTENING AND TYPING PRACTICE. In the box below using the on-screen keyboard, type ONLY the sounds or words you hear. Not all sounds or words will be included. When finished, you can check your answers by clicking on the GREEN CHECK button below.


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