Russian podcast for Beginners

Russian podcast for Beginners

One of the most popular methods of practising Russian is to learn it with podcasts, while driving or doing your chores. The certified teacher Olya Dee has made 20 episodes for absolute beginners to start with basic phrases and words. You will learn how to introduce yourself, order food at a restaurant or ask for directions.

Listen to the episodes and learn some ways how we communicate with people in Russian and their cultural habits. You are going to hear the most popular and used collocations in order to be able to speak the language the same day you have listened to it. Also, the teacher Olya Dee specially pays attention to the correct pronunciation of the words so that you could sound like a native speaker.

Don’t Forget!

You should listen to this podcast a few times in order to review the material. All episodes of ‘Russian podcast for beginners‘ contain the vocabulary and grammar explanations.

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