Dictation with Russian words about studying.

Dictation with Russian words about studying.

Dictation with Russian words about studying. You will learn some vocabulary by doing the dictation with Russian words about studying. It teaches you how to speak about the place where are you studying and also other study vocabulary. You will practice not only comprehensive Russian, but also spelling.

Common Russian words about studying are in the vocabulary!

You will see the audio file and useful vocabulary on this page like:

Студе́нт – [ student ] – a male university student

Студе́нтка – [ studentka ] – a female university

Шко́льник – [ shkol’nik ] – a schoolboy

Шко́льница – [ shkol’nitsa ] – a schoolgirl


Also, you might have heard these common names of educational establishments in Russian:

Де́тский сад – [ détskiy sad ] – a kindergarden

Шко́ла – [ shkola ] – a school

Политехни́ческое учи́лище – [ politekhnicheskoe uchilishe ] – a polytechnic school

Университе́т  – [ universitet ] – a university


Useful and interesting words used by Russian students in a studying routine:

Подава́ть докуме́нты – [ podavat’ dokumenty ] – to apply (to a university)

Прогу́ливать заня́тия – [ progulivat’ zanyatiya ] – to cut classes

Сте́пень – [ stepen’ ] – a degree

Экза́мен – [ ekzamen ] – an exam

Контро́льная – [ kantrol’naya ] – a test

Первоку́рсник – [ pervakursnik ] – a freshman

Выпуска́ться – [ vypuskatsya ] – to graduate

Пересдава́ть – [ peresdavat’ ] – to retake

List of words that relate directly to the educational process

Pupils and students often wait until the end of the lesson to have a rest during the break. Therefore, let’s find out how these words are called in Russian.

Уро́к – [ urok ] – a lesson (at school)

Па́ра – [ para ] – a double lesson (at university)

Переме́на – [ peremena ] – a break

The most common slang of Russian students

Sometimes slang words can be a little confusing and incomprehensible. Basically, there are quite a few of them. Here is another list of the most common slang words:

Столо́вка – [ stalovka ] – a canteen

Униве́р – [ univer ] – a university

Степу́ха – [ stepukha ] – a scholarship

Обща́га – [ abshaga ] – a dormitory

This material and much more interesting things you can learn in the individual classes with a native speaker.

So what’s the task?

A ‘dictation’ is a Russian method of practising spelling and handwriting. Read the vocabulary below and learn it. All you have to do is just listen to the following audio and type the words in the typing section. Then you can check the spelling.

To type in Russian, download the Russian keyboard and use the virtual keyboard on the website below the typing section. After doing this dictation you can learn some new vocabulary doing the next one about the daily routine.

  • студе́нтка - [ studentka ] - a female university student
  • университе́т - [ universitet ] - a university
  • выпуска́ться - [ vypuskatsya ] - to graduate
  • прогу́ливать заня́тия - [ progulivat' zanyatiya ] - to cut classes
IMPORTANT:  IMPORTANT: In the box below using the on-screen keyboard, type ONLY the sounds or words you hear. Not all sounds or words will be included. When finished, you can check your answers by clicking on the GREEN CHECK button below.


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