Difficulties in Russian language studies

Difficulties in Russian language studies. Short dialogue.

Russian language studies might have some difficulties. However, practising the keyphrases, you can learn a lot.

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You’re going to listen to small talk. Line A is a speaker 1 and line B is a speaker 2.

Difficulties may arise in learning any language, including Russian. It is absolutely normal that some topics may be incomprehensible or seem difficult. In order to avoid such problems, practice will be useful for you. The dialogue between a foreign student who studies Russian and a native Russian speaker is a wonderful example. In it, you will find not only useful words to explain your difficulties to someone and ask questions, but also you will see an example of a typical difficult topic. The student told a girl native speaker that he didn’t understand the endings in words and she suggested to him a solution to the problem. In the dialogue, you can learn and practice words such as textbook, table, and grammar. And there are other terms related to the study. For example, language, ending, topic, and of course learning.

IMPORTANT! Click the ‘Hide/Show’ button for line A to hide them and listen to the dialogues again. After you can practice spelling. Type into each box of the lines A exactly what you hear in the audio file. Then click it back to check. You can compare your lines with the ones which are written above. Correct the mistakes and write down the necessary phrases for you.

Do the same thing with lines B. You can also check the translation of the small talk by pressing the green button ‘check’ under the dialogue. You can download the audio and practice it later again.


Сло́жный - [slojniy] - difficult
Язы́к - [yazik] - a language
Те́ма - [tema] - a topic
Оконча́ние - [okonchaniye] - an ending
Паде́ж - [padej] - a case
Табли́ца - [tablitsa] - a table
Уче́бник - [uchebnik] - a textbook
Грамма́тика - [gramatika] - a grammar
Изуче́ние - [izucheniye] - learning


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Мне ка́жется, я никогда́ не вы́учу ру́сский. Э́то о́чень сло́жный язы́к.
Что случи́лось? Ты не по́нял каку́ю-то те́му?

Да, я не могу́ поня́ть каки́е оконча́ния в слова́х испо́льзовать.
В ру́сском языке́ всего́ лишь 6 падеже́й. Ты мо́жешь вы́учить оконча́ния по специа́льным табли́цам.

Где́ я могу́ найти́ по́лные табли́цы?
Я ду́маю, в уче́бнике ру́сской грамма́тики.

Спаси́бо большо́е за сове́т.
Обраща́йся. Уда́чи в изуче́нии ру́сского!


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