The Super cat Rocket in Russian

Ракета супер кот
Ракета супер кот

‘Ракета – супер кот’ is a story for children about a cat that always knows what to do. A girl named Diana is his friend. They get into the world of adventures together, developing language skills of young learners.

The series about ‘The super cat Rocket’ improves reading skills of kids. It introduces new words in an easy way so that a child was able to build their confidence to communicate with a proven balance of vocabulary and pronunciation. The book gets children talking like native speakers. This series engages with uniquely motivating pictures, texts and tasks  that make the children want to speak the language.

The Super cat Rocket in Russian is good for kids


‘Ракета – супер кот’ is a book for A1 level students and can be used in lessons as well. The book includes extra activities, authentic audio and video sound bank to keep the youngsters entertained.

Olya Dankova is a certified teacher and an author of many books for children and adults. ‘The Rocket Cat’ is a debut book in the series of books for children to practice the languages. 

‘I believe the book will help you to be confident and brave as the Super cat Rocket. I hope it will inspire you, my young reader, to keep learning and dreaming about those wonderful things which become miracles one day…’ 



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Written and recorded be Olya Dankova

Illustrated by Anna Grit

All rights reserved